Strava privacy zones



I’ve found flink a while back when I was looking for a way to export my Strava logs. I find the automatic update sheets very handy. flink was working so perfectly that I almost forgot about it. That was until last week, when I stumbled upon the site again and that’s when I found the “rules” feature. I played with it for a bit, and I setup a couple of rules to automatic tag and rename my commutes. It seemed to work as great as the export feature, but since this week it started to fail to tag and rename. It looks like flink is not able to look behind the privacy zones that I have setup in Strava. I’m sure flink could do this last week, since I haven’t changed anything in Strava. I tried to relink flink & Strava, but this didn’t resolve the problem. Did Strava change something in their policy?
If this feature can’t be fixed maybe we can work around this if it was possible to input a radius around the start- & endlocations in flink? For example if you set up a privcacy zone of 200m in Strava, you would set the radius to 250m in flink. By doing this flink could pick up the start- & endlocations?


I’ve got exactly the same issue!
Any chance for a fix? Manually tagging & renaming my commutes is such a pain that I consider using commutemarker instead.

If you are willing to share your sources I’d love to help fixing that issue as well!


Actually after a bit of testing I think the privacy zones are not an issue here - only the map is misleading.

In my case only my home address is in a zone, the target isn’t. Still with the rule-testing-ui both location criteria doesn’t match.

So I think something with your location matching is broken in general, regardless of zones. :frowning:


Sorry guys for not getting back to you earlier. I’ll look into this over the weekend. It would be very helpful if you could send me the url of an example activity so I can investigate this further: