New user can't login


New user trying to login for the first time.

Went thru the Strava auth flow and granted all requested privs. Returned to Flink to login, but any attempt to login or signup provides a very brief flash of my user page, then immediately dumps me back on the login page with an unhelpful “Sorry!” message and expired session (url= Have not yet created a Flink-specific login. Tried both Chrome and Opera on MacOS 10.14.6, athlete ID 722968.

Please advise how to continue.


I’m experiencing the same issue since about two days ago. Previously it worked fine. The automatic Google sheet that I had set up keeps updating fine though.


Hi @ornoth + @samuele_c, some users unfortunately experienced problems while trying to login over the weekend - this is was caused by a server upgrade on Friday and is fixed now. Sorry for the interruption of service. Over the next few days the data retrieval mechanism will be upgraded to further improve speed and quality.


Yup, I can login successfully now and look at my data. Thanks for the quick update!

A little confused by the data, tho. Flink reports I have 1149 activities, which is the same as Strava, but then only analyzes/displays/exports 915 activities. Why were 234 (20%) of my activities invalidated?

Also, on the main page the distribution charts (distance, moving time, pace) are blank. Not sure why.

Thanks for continuing to support this site.


As I mentioned I’m re-writing the data caching right now to make sure that the data is consistent. A mismatch between activity statistics and exportable datasets is sometimes happening when Strava’s API fails to deliver a complete activity stream. I’ll keep you posted and sorry for the hassle.