New data field from Strava



First, I’d like to congratulate you on your great work. Your tool has been super useful to download Strava data and finally build my own running dashboard!

Those are the suggestions I have in terms of data to retrieve from Strava:

  1. Calories (to know how much burgers you can eat!)
  2. Gears (to analyze which shoes run the fastest)
  3. Kudos & comments count (to analyze how hard you need to train to get be popular)
  4. Athlete data (name, city, country, sex, weight…)

I hope it will help you enhancing this great tool! I look forward following the evolution!

Thank you,


Thank you so much, Robin! I’m happy to hear that flink is helping you!

In fact you already can export Gear ID and Kudos Count right now by selecting the data fields from the “Use data fields -> custom” options screen. But I’ll add the option to export the gear names as well (you see them already in the filter section of flink when you use the gear filter) and Comment Count with one of the next updates over the next couple of days :nerd_face:

Unfortunately the Calories field is not included in the activities summary data flink gets from Strava’s API so we would have to query every activity to include it. Although I have analytics for single activities on my roadmap this might take a bit since the next major update will be the roll out of the new weather data features…

Since the athlete data is somewhat static (apart from the weight) I haven’t considered it yet for export.

Thank you very much for your support and your great suggestions,



Here you go, Comment Count and with today’s update also gear names are included in the exportable data fields. I hope this helps.

Cheers, Nicolas