Include commuting tag in exported ride data?


Hi! Loving the ability to export data from Strava to Google Sheets, thank you!

I’ve got a Google Sheet where I keep a lot of my receipts & financial data related to my bike, and I would love the ability to keep track of my savings from commuting by bike. I flag all of my commutes with the “commute” tag. Would it be possible to export the tag along with the rest of the ride data?

Again, thanks for the site, I’ve been having a blast goofing around with the data. :slight_smile:


Ahhhh, saw your response in another thread and realized there is a custom export feature… nevermind, looks like you’ve already thought of it all!



I’m glad you figured it out by yourself but I’ll make it more obvious that this option is available. :nerd_face:

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I’m very happy you like it!


Figured I’d just add to this thread instead of starting a new one, but it appears my last few rides marked as commutes are showing up as “FALSE” for the commute tag in Google Sheets when the sheet is auto-populating. If I make a new sheet however, the tag appears as “TRUE”.

I use CommuteMarker ( to tag my rides, and I’m wondering if it’s something to do with timing between the commute applet and flink pulling data? Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to integrate the two better, or if you think it’s something else going on.


Most definitely your assumption is correct. Strava provides a mechanism to notify apps about new activities, and if this is fired, flink already adds the activity to your spreadsheet while CommuteMarker determines if the activity is a commute and updates your Strava data.
Over the next couple of days I’m going to release a new version of flink that will also handle later updates to your Strava data, so the changes made by other apps will be reflected in your Google Sheet. This will very likely solve the problem, and if not - I will cook up another solution.


Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out for the new version then and update you on if the commutes all roll over to “TRUE”.


I’ve made to updates to flink that should solve the problems you described:

  1. You can now set a delay for flink to wait for updates through other apps before syncing them to your Google sheets in your account

  2. You can now define rules for changing your Strava data in flink, e.g. tag a ride as commute when starting or ending at a certain place, so you may not need to use other services at all:

Please note that these changes are only effective for future activities at the moment. Rules will be working for bulk-updates (=older activities) as well in the next few days, please check again next week for this option.