Full data update in google sheets?



Today I found Flink by accident when searching for a strava export tool. And to be honest… it looks great!
I’m especially interested in the automatic google sheets update possibilities. mainly to start building my own dashboards. But I got the idea that updated activities (deleted, or updated because of wrong information) are not updated also in the google sheet. Am I right? Could this be changed?

I noticed this because I deleted a swimming activity which was having incorrect distance and replaced it by a manual upload activity. I found out that the old file was not deleted from the google sheet and the new activity was added.

Or maybe a workaround would be possible by giving the google sheet always the same name and just reload and overwrite the old data?

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I agree with that!
It would be great to have an update of the full export rather than adding the new activities. For instance, if you rename an activity it does not reflect in the export. Same for the kudos, comments, gears, etc.


Thank you @Lunitic and: Yes! I’m aware that the current behavior of the auto-update is not complete yet… I will also add this feature with one of the next updates this month together with the additional fields @Robin requested.


Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your prompt reply and the good news. It realy would be great if this could be improved/solved on the short term. Then I can realy start building my dashboards!

Do you maybe also have plans to do the same with polar / garmin data? :slight_smile:

All the best.


At least Garmin is on the roadmap, but not anytime soon. After the weather data roll-out, support for US units (miles and F°) and the export enhancements I plan to add some training effect indicators (like TRIMP). I was also considering to add an editor where you can build your own charts (like, you select the data fields for the dimensions) - so I’m curious, what will go into you own Google Sheets based dashboard?


Ok… good question. Currently I’m in the following position… I’m using my Polar Vantage V and Polar V650 in combination with the Polar Balance Scale to keep track of my training activities, daily activities, sleep data, weight data, etc… This to keep track of my health and training progress.

I do sync my polar data to Strava. But of course this is only about real training activities.

Now I would like to create a more combined dashboard where I can see both health data (Rest HR rate, Sleep data, Weight Data) and the training data (Strava).

On the training part I mainly want to compare the progress for a selected (and saved) period… for example… 2018 vs 2019 or the last 8 weeks. This mainly when I’m working towards an event and/or target.

So think about a comparison of distance/time per week by year for the defined period and the comparison with cumulative figures.

Also both depending on the filter on the type of activities. (Walk, Run, Ride, etc)

I would also like to create some kind of plan for a certain period which I can add to the comparison above…

On the heath part (Polar Flow) it would be great if I could combine data like burned calories, weight, sleeping time, etc

Besides the above reasons I have to be honest… I just also like playing with data in BI/excel/google sheets and like to create things myself. J

I would also not mind just to use your dashboard but then it would be great if the applied filter could be saved.


Hi Nicolas,

Any update on this issue?

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Hi Maarten,

Yes, indeed! So as of today the sheets are (with one important limitation I’ll explain below) linked to updating and deleting on Strava. The applied filters are from now on saved to new Google Sheets and hence also applied to all new additions after export.

The limitations are:

  • flink does only gets notified by Strava in real-time when name, description or privacy are changed (see Strava Documentation). This is unfortunate but until I found a reasonable way of setting up a watching mechanism the only option to make it work. I experiment with a some kind of polling to detect changes but this can not be achieved in a timely manner without burning flink’s limited API rates set by Strava.

  • This only works for sheets created or activities added from today on, as I had to add some unique metadata to each row to make it accessible for flink, even if the row is renamed, deleted or moved etc.


Hi Nicolas,

Sorry for my late reply… my focus suddenly had to be switched to some other stuff then strava and traininings data :slight_smile:

Thanks! This sounds great. I will start experimenting with this the comming period.

For sure I will come back on it with some feedback.