Feature request: include origin and destination


I’m looking to replace my own implementation of Flink. Could you add support for this kind of data so I can migrate over to your platform?

I’m using the following APIs

Let me know if you need any coding help.


Sure, I’m happy to! I’ll add #start/#origin and #finish/#destination as location vars to the name and description fields, next week Tuesday with the next update. As you are using the same API stack, did you use the ‘locality’ type with the Geocode API?
And thanks for offering you help, much appreciated! I which language did you write your solution? flink is build on php on the backend providing a REST API and quite a lot js on the frontend.


I’ve language set to english and result_type to locality for the geocode end point. In China I found that sublocality worked better as each city is so large. Took me days to bike between cities. In Korea and probably most other counties locality seems to work well. The application is written in Swift tho.

For the activity description I used:

Weather emoji. Weather description - temperature - wind speed - total activity time including breaks

I also don’t use an arrow in the activity name if the origin and destination is the same. Then I only use the origin name.